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About Contract Welding


The company was founded by Harry E. Tinsley April 19, 1964. It began simply as a small shop on Michigan Avenue in Canton, Mi where Harry worked on heavy equipment. In the 1970s, he purchased a machine shop and began fabricating refuse equipment, which the company has become known for today. Contract Welding became a family business in the 1980’s when Harry was joined by his three children.



For 50+ years, Contract Welding has offered high quality welding and fabricating services.  Today the company is run by the youngest family member, Tom Tinsley and his wife Sandy. Located at 385 Sumpter Road in Belleville, MI. Contract Welding offers repair services along with manufacturing a variety of refuse and recycling equipment including front load and rear load containers, roll-off containers, stationary compactors, vertical balers and its trademark dump body, HARDBOX. Constructed of specialized steel made in Sweden, its unique design was developed in 1997. Contract Welding serves customers across the mid-west who range from small independent businesses to major waste haulers to the “big three” auto companies and more.  


Our CNC Plasma / Oxyfuel Cutting Machine allows for us to create parts from geometry designed by Computer Aided Design (CAD) software.  This process gives us great flexibility, accuracy, and quick part creation.  We rely heavily on this machine to carry-out our day-to-day operation.


CNC Plasma / Oxyfuel Cutting Machine
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